Full Image or Video section

This is a Full Image or Video section. It allows for punchy content to sit within a large image or video. This example has an image in the background, that’s been dimmed to allow the content to be readable. The content is centre-aligned.

Another Full Image or Video section

This time we have a video background, which also has a smaller, alternate video for quicker load times on phone screens that intelligently displays on smaller screens. The text is bottom left and we’ve included a button link too. The height of the element has been set to large too, so it’s more of a showcase.

Button here

Fluid Content Layout

This type of Plot Layout is perfect for more longform text, such as articles or biographies. It allows for all sensible typographical devices and can be edited in the WordPress text editor that’s been streamlined and improved to handle Plot projects so should be effortless to use.

First off you can easily make items bold, italic or underlined.

Next up, it’s really easy to put a nice, pullout quite style using the quote system, to write testimonials, reviews or just quotes about your event with ease.

Next up we will include an example of an image, which is really easy to embed within your content using the “add media” button.

This is a subheading

Subheading styles all follow your brand styles and are great for segmenting long periods of content. It’s also worth noting the power of bullet points. They’re great at making specific points:

  • You can add an item such as this one
  • And a second item
  • And a third item is great too

On top of bullet lists we’ve also included numbered lists, if that’s useful for you. Here’s a simple example:

  1. List items that are numbered tend to be because the order is important
  2. This is the second item in this list
  3. And yes, of course, there’s a third item too

You can centre-align or right align the text if you want too. Typically you wouldn’t do this in articles, but it’s there if you have a good reason.

Links that you might want to add

It’s pretty simple to add in links such as this one within your content too. You also have the ability to open links in a new tab. This is useful for external links, although we’ve found this happening less recently as tabs are a bit annoying on phones.

Content Columns Layout

These two columns are designed for medium length content that can sit side by side. This layout is set up to have two columns and to include an image.

On an Alternative Colour Scheme

Note too that this Plot Layout is using an Alternative Colour Scheme. You can decide to use your alt colour schemes on any Plot Layout, to help your pages shine.

More content columns

This is the same layout, Content Columns. Here we’re displaying 3 columns instead without imagery.

With three columns

On mobile devices these three all stack one after the other, but on desktop can sit side by side.

Three columns can be great

Great for delivering bitesize bits of important text. As with all Plot Layouts, can be inserted anywhere.

Split Heading and Text

This is a great feature to have your heading and text side by side, you can even choose to add a button.

More info

Fifty Fifty Plot Layouts

Fifty Fifty layouts are a great way to display a paragraph of text alongside a wonderful image. Nothing’s quite as convincing as a great image with a supporting paragraph.

Another Fifty Fifty Plot Layout

Here’s another one. This time the text is on the right hand side on desktop. And also we’ve added a CTA button which can be useful for taking people to an important page.

Here's the button

FAQ Layouts

Here you can add whichever FAQs you want on any page, which can be really useful for adding relevant FAQs throughout the site.

What are the best days and times to avoid waiting or crowding in the halls?

To access the Palazzo Reale without long waits, booking is strongly recommended. Purchasing tickets on site may create long waits in order to respect the security capacities of the rooms.

Is there priority access for people with disabilities?

Visitors with mobility disabilities and pregnant women are granted priority access (in skip-the-line mode). In both cases, the right is extended to one accompanying person.

Does the exhibition route include stairs?

Yes, if you are unable to access the exhibition stairs leading to the entrance of the exhibition route, please report your arrival to the custodian staff – first door on the left beyond the courtyard – who will accompany you to the lift.

Latest Articles Plot Layouts

This one doesn’t need too much explaining- you can add latest articles wherever you want. You can use this layout to put in latest articles, or pick specifically certain articles you’d like to feature. You can put in as many as you want, and decide how many show up per row too.

Image Grid Plot Layouts

An interesting way to show off imagery within a cool grid. There’s 3 different grid layouts to pick from, and all images open up to full screen when tapped. As with all images in Plot, they only load when they need to, so you can load up your pages with images without any issues with loading times. You can add videos in here too!

Image Tiles Plot Layout

This is another way to easily show off your imagery or video. Simple tiles. Add as many as you want.

Embed media

You can have various ways to layout your embedded meidia, showing a nice split between the embed and text or embed full width

Embed media

You can have various ways to layout your embedded media, showing a nice split between the embed and text or embed full width

Form Plot Layouts

Yes, it’s real easy to add in forms to your pages wherever you want. We have a default Contact Form you can use, or you can make your own by going to the forms section within the admin area. They’re also really easy to hook up to Mailchimp.

We won't share your data with anyone!

Small privacy text at the bottom might come in handy too.

Text Marquee
Buy tickets
Buy tickets

Countdown clock

You can use this layout to countdown to a special day whether it be a event happening or tickets going on sale, this is a great layout to get the excitement going